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AccuMate 6-12 Lead Acid Battery Charger - Fully Automatic 6/12V

Product Code:ACCUMATE612

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AccuMate 6-12

4 step charger & maintainer for 6V and 12V batteries

Ideal for all 6 and 12 V Lead acid Batteries

AccuMate 6-12 is a versatile, 4-step, automatic charger and maintainer for all modern and classic 6 & 12V lead-acid batteries. AccuMate will charge and maintain any size battery, although best suited to batteries of capacity up to about 75Ah. For larger batteries, one of the AccuMate PRO models would be better suited.

The constant current charge, followed by constant voltage absorption and float charging steps, is ideal for all types of rechargeable lead-acid batteries • filler cap types • all types of AGM "MF" for motorcycles • ATVs & watercraft • valve regulated (VRLA) • GEL-electrolyte types.

Ideal for long term maintenance of the batteries of irregularly or seasonally used vehicles, vintage & collectors vehicles, gliders, small aircraft & boats, & battery-powered industrial appliances.

Very easy to use - Select 6V or 12V charging output according to battery type, then connect to the battery and mains power. The rest is fully automatic.

Comprehensive & intelligent LED indications

  • AC power on
  • battery voltage selection
  • wrong polarity connection
  • charging
  • maintaining (charge completed).

If a sulphated or neglected battery is unable to draw at least 200mA immediately on being connected, the LED indication will remain in yellow (charging). The green maintenance (charge completed) LED means exactly that, charging has been completed.

No risk of overcharging - AccuMate`s special monitoring circuits vary & regulate the current & voltage exactly according to the battery manufacturer’s specifications.

SAFE & foolproof - No worries about wrong connections or accidentally shorting the battery clamps. AccuMate’s circuit board is automatically protected without fuses. And spark generation is suppressed.

Compact, yet powerful - Safely charges batteries from as low as 2V (1V for 6V batteries) which most other chargers give up on. Constant current achieves a charge in the same time as most 3A chargers.

No risk of overheating - Automatic temperature control regulates charge current to a safe level in hot or enclosed conditions. Advanced 4-step charging program : (6V values in brackets)

4 Stage Charging

STEP 1 : Boost – Constant current charging at 1,2A until the rising voltage reaches14,3V (7,15V).

STEP 2 : Absorption - Voltage held at 14,2V (7,1V) until the current drawn by the battery falls to 200mA.

STEP 3 : Maintenance - Float mode : the voltage is held at 13,6V (6,75V) for ideal long-term battery care.

STEP 4 : Interactive standby - Monitors if current exceeds 200mA during long term maintenance charging. If it does, it cycles between steps 2 and 3 to prevent the battery from losing any charge due to permanently connected devices such as an alarm or parasitic drain caused by aged or faulty vehicle wiring. With interactive standby your battery will always be ready to start your vehicle.

Supplied with long input and output leads (15 ft / 4.5m combined), a detachable battery clamp & fused weatherproof eyelet connection set for direct connection to the battery.

Optional accessories include • wall bracket • replacement battery clamps set • fused eyelet connection set • dual purpose connection set with plug which fits both automotive cigar socket and • DIN 12V socket (as found on BMW & Triumph touring motorcycles) • 2.5m / 8ft output extension lead.

Certifications : 120V model to UL & CSA : 230V model with CE conformity. 2-year warranty.

Specifications, Price and Stock Availability may change without notice

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