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    Product Name+   Model   Price   Quantity   Buy Now 
 B011 Sensor touch switch   B011 Sensor touch switch
 B011  SOLD OUT  0  Enquire
 B042 Time switch (short) approx. 2 sec...5 min.   B042 Time switch (short) approx. 2 sec...5 min.
 B042   R81.00   4  Buy Now 
 B045 Light barrier 12V   B045 Light barrier 12V
 B045   R86.25   3  Buy Now 
 B048 Temperature switch 12V   B048 Temperature switch 12V
 B048  SOLD OUT  0  Enquire
 B052 Destroyer siren Kit   B052 Destroyer siren Kit
 B052   R88.55   2  Buy Now 
 B062 Infrared light barrier - range 18m   B062 Infrared light barrier - range 18m
 B062  SOLD OUT  0  Enquire
 B073 Pre-Amplifier, universal super wideband: approx. 10 Hz...15   B073 Pre-Amplifier, universal super wideband: approx. 10 Hz...15
 B073   R35.65   1  Buy Now 
 B101 Universal alarm system   B101 Universal alarm system
 B101  SOLD OUT  0  Enquire
 B123 Combination kit 12 V/DC   B123 Combination kit 12 V/DC
 B123   R228.85   1  Buy Now 
 B133 Precision timer   B133 Precision timer
 B133   R89.00   1  Buy Now 
 B162 Continuity tester with piezo buzzer   B162 Continuity tester with piezo buzzer
 B162   R59.51   3  Buy Now 
 B172 The little electro-technician   B172 The little electro-technician
 B172   R102.35   3  Buy Now 
 B192 Water level sensor   B192 Water level sensor

 B192   R52.90   2  Buy Now 
 B195 Infrared detector   B195 Infrared detector
 B195   R31.05   3  Buy Now 
 B197 Relay card 12V   B197 Relay card 12V
 B197   R59.80   2  Buy Now 
 B198 Alarm display   B198 Alarm display
 B198   R37.95   3  Buy Now 
 B213 Infrared light barrier max. 50m   B213 Infrared light barrier max. 50m
 B213   R314.76   1  Buy Now 
 B214 Ultrasonic proximity sensor   B214 Ultrasonic proximity sensor
 B214   R156.06   1  Buy Now 
 B235 Christmas tree   B235 Christmas tree
 B235   R59.51   2  Buy Now 
 B239 Electronic wheel of fortune   B239 Electronic wheel of fortune
 B239   R38.35   2  Buy Now 
 M013N Twilight switch 220VAC   M013N Twilight switch 220VAC
 M013N   R152.95   2  Buy Now 
 M015N Transformer Adjustable 6-28V DC 1.5A   M015N Transformer Adjustable 6-28V DC 1.5A
 M015N   R169.05   55  Buy Now 
 M020 Voltage Transformer from 24 V= to approx. 13.8 V= (for 12 V   M020 Voltage Transformer from 24 V= to approx. 13.8 V= (for 12 V
 M020  SOLD OUT  0  Enquire
 M031N Universal amplifier 3,5W   M031N Universal amplifier 3,5W
 M031N   R143.75   9  Buy Now 
 M032 Universal amplifier 12W   M032 Universal amplifier 12W
 M032   R156.40   1  Buy Now 
Displaying 1 to 25 (of 41 products) Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>] 
1 x Led 5mm 5 Chip Wide Angle - Ultra Bright Green
1 x B235 Christmas tree
1 x 6740-14P mini power connector 4.2mm 14 way
1 x 220MFD 400V CAN/SCREW
1 x Fuse 6x32mm 10A Slow Blow
2 x 47K OHM 0.5W 5%
2 x Battery CR2016
1 x Resistor 120 OHM 0.5W 5% Each
1 x KSD301 Thermostat H/Tab 10A 250V 100 Deg
1 x Resistor 220 OHM 0.5W 5% Each
1 x Just Whistle 12000
1 x DS18B20 Digital temperature Probe
1 x IRLU024
1 x Potentiometer Cermet 2W 2K5
1 x Transformer 1A 12-0-12V AC
1 x Insulation Tape Yellow
1 x Resistor 1 OHM 0.5W 5% Each
1 x KSR10 Robotic Arm Edge KIT
1 x Battery CR2032
1 x Magnum 1012 Soldering Iron 12V
1 x VM110N USB Interface card
1 x Resistor 100K OHM 0.5W 5% Each
1 x Insulation Tape Black
1 x FAN 120x120x38 12VDC
1 x B133 Precision timer
1 x B195 Infrared detector
1 x FAN 40x40x28 12VDC 3 Wire
1 x Cabtyre Cable 1mm 3Core 10A - 20m
1 x Cabtyre Cable 0.5mm 2Core 3A - Per Metre
1 x B239 Electronic wheel of fortune
1 x 6740-18R Receptacle, Mini Power, 4.2mm, 18 Way
1 x Transformer 3A 15V AC
2 x LAMP BA9S 24V 3W 10 X 28
2 x Push Button Switch Inline Rocker Switch Black
1 x Resistor 18K OHM 0.5W 5% Each
1 x B073 Pre-Amplifier, universal super wideband: approx. 10 Hz...15
1 x 1.5NF 2KV
1 x Potentiometer Cermet 2W 1k
1 x K2414 AC connector female - Panel Mount 10A 250V
1 x 100NF 0.1MFD 250V 7.5MM POLYES
1 x 220K OHM 0.5W 5%
1 x USB micro plug
1 x Pin Header Dual Row 80PIN
1 x LAMP E10 3.5V 0.7W
1 x Lumeno LED Module 12 LED Dual White/Amber 12VDC
1 x Magnum 1000SP Soldering Iron 24V
1 x KSD301 Thermostat H/Tab 10A 250V 90 Deg
1 x D-SUB crimp type 9-socket
1 x Crimping tool network RJ12 RJ45
1 x Powerful desoldering pump
1 x LAMP BIPIN 6V 60MA T1.25
1 x 0.1MFD 630V 15MM
1 x LCD Display Thermometer meter with Temperature Probe
1 x Resistor 100 OHM 0.5W 5% Each
1 x Lumeno Aluminium Tri Colour LED Bar
1 x Cabtyre Cable 1mm 3Core 10A - 10m
1 x Lumeno LED Module 18 LED Aluminium strip With Switch White 12V
1 x AC connector female, cable-mount type r/a
1 x MK138 Thermostat KIT +5degC to +30degC
1 x VM132 Universal temperature sensor
1 x Transformer 17.5VAC X 2 5.5VA INPUT 220VAC
1 x Transformer 12VAC X 2 15VA INPUT 220VAC
1 x 100NF 0.1MFD 400V 15MM POLYES
1 x Light/Water Alarm 12003
1 x Lamp holder MES Open type
1 x BA9S Led Lamp Blue 12V AC/DC
1 x Radial Electrolytic 10uf 160V
1 x Thermostat KSD306X 140deg 250V 20A 4Pin manual reset
1 x K8087 Telephone ringer with buzzer and LED
1 x Ceiling Fan Capacitor 4MFD500VAC
1 x R704 Lamp Holder E10 Red
1 x Schuko male plug soft abs
1 x Fuse 5x20mm 12A Slow Ceramic
1 x VM120 10-Channel 12vdc light effect generator
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