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Hot Air Stations


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    Product Name+   Model   Price   Quantity   Buy Now 
 Hot Air Nozzle A1124 Round 2.5mm   Hot Air Nozzle A1124 Round 2.5mm
 A1124   R39.00   15  Buy Now 
 Hot Air Nozzle A1125 QFP 10x10   Hot Air Nozzle A1125 QFP 10x10
 A1125   R65.00   9  Buy Now 
 Hot Air Nozzle A1126 QFP 14x14   Hot Air Nozzle A1126 QFP 14x14
 A1126   R65.00   9  Buy Now 
 Hot Air Nozzle A1130 round 4x4   Hot Air Nozzle A1130 round 4x4
 A1130   R39.00   16  Buy Now 
 Magnum 3004 Hot Air Station   Magnum 3004 Hot Air Station
 SM3004   R3,570.75   1  Buy Now 
 Magnum SMD Rework Station 3005 Complete   Magnum SMD Rework Station 3005 Complete
 SM3005+SM1005  SOLD OUT  0  Enquire
 Multifunctional Hot Air repair station   Multifunctional Hot Air repair station
 VTSS110   R3,984.65   1  Buy Now 
 VTSS210 Hot Air Station   VTSS210 Hot Air Station
 VTSS210  SOLD OUT  0  Enquire
 VTSSD3 Soldering & desoldering station With Variable temperature   VTSSD3 Soldering & desoldering station With Variable temperature
 VTSSD3  SOLD OUT  0  Enquire
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products) Result Pages:  1 
1 x Led 5mm 5 Chip Wide Angle - Ultra Bright Green
1 x B235 Christmas tree
1 x 6740-14P mini power connector 4.2mm 14 way
1 x 220MFD 400V CAN/SCREW
1 x Fuse 6x32mm 10A Slow Blow
2 x 47K OHM 0.5W 5%
2 x Battery CR2016
1 x Resistor 120 OHM 0.5W 5% Each
1 x KSD301 Thermostat H/Tab 10A 250V 100 Deg
1 x Resistor 220 OHM 0.5W 5% Each
1 x Just Whistle 12000
1 x DS18B20 Digital temperature Probe
1 x IRLU024
1 x Potentiometer Cermet 2W 2K5
1 x Transformer 1A 12-0-12V AC
1 x Insulation Tape Yellow
1 x Resistor 1 OHM 0.5W 5% Each
1 x KSR10 Robotic Arm Edge KIT
1 x Battery CR2032
1 x Magnum 1012 Soldering Iron 12V
1 x VM110N USB Interface card
1 x Resistor 100K OHM 0.5W 5% Each
1 x Insulation Tape Black
1 x FAN 120x120x38 12VDC
1 x B133 Precision timer
1 x B195 Infrared detector
1 x FAN 40x40x28 12VDC 3 Wire
1 x Cabtyre Cable 1mm 3Core 10A - 20m
1 x Cabtyre Cable 0.5mm 2Core 3A - Per Metre
1 x B239 Electronic wheel of fortune
1 x 6740-18R Receptacle, Mini Power, 4.2mm, 18 Way
1 x Transformer 3A 15V AC
2 x LAMP BA9S 24V 3W 10 X 28
2 x Push Button Switch Inline Rocker Switch Black
1 x Resistor 18K OHM 0.5W 5% Each
1 x B073 Pre-Amplifier, universal super wideband: approx. 10 Hz...15
1 x 1.5NF 2KV
1 x Potentiometer Cermet 2W 1k
1 x K2414 AC connector female - Panel Mount 10A 250V
1 x 100NF 0.1MFD 250V 7.5MM POLYES
1 x 220K OHM 0.5W 5%
1 x USB micro plug
1 x Pin Header Dual Row 80PIN
1 x LAMP E10 3.5V 0.7W
1 x Lumeno LED Module 12 LED Dual White/Amber 12VDC
1 x Magnum 1000SP Soldering Iron 24V
1 x KSD301 Thermostat H/Tab 10A 250V 90 Deg
1 x D-SUB crimp type 9-socket
1 x Crimping tool network RJ12 RJ45
1 x Powerful desoldering pump
1 x LAMP BIPIN 6V 60MA T1.25
1 x 0.1MFD 630V 15MM
1 x LCD Display Thermometer meter with Temperature Probe
1 x Resistor 100 OHM 0.5W 5% Each
1 x Lumeno Aluminium Tri Colour LED Bar
1 x Cabtyre Cable 1mm 3Core 10A - 10m
1 x Lumeno LED Module 18 LED Aluminium strip With Switch White 12V
1 x AC connector female, cable-mount type r/a
1 x MK138 Thermostat KIT +5degC to +30degC
1 x VM132 Universal temperature sensor
1 x Transformer 17.5VAC X 2 5.5VA INPUT 220VAC
1 x Transformer 12VAC X 2 15VA INPUT 220VAC
1 x 100NF 0.1MFD 400V 15MM POLYES
1 x Light/Water Alarm 12003
1 x Lamp holder MES Open type
1 x BA9S Led Lamp Blue 12V AC/DC
1 x Radial Electrolytic 10uf 160V
1 x Thermostat KSD306X 140deg 250V 20A 4Pin manual reset
1 x K8087 Telephone ringer with buzzer and LED
1 x Ceiling Fan Capacitor 4MFD500VAC
1 x R704 Lamp Holder E10 Red
1 x Schuko male plug soft abs
1 x Fuse 5x20mm 12A Slow Ceramic
1 x VM120 10-Channel 12vdc light effect generator
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